About Me


In 2016 I was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer. In this new stage of my life I started experiencing a lot of anxiety as I was not able to work the same as I could when I was healthy.

In these circumstances what made me happy was making hair bows for my daughter Diana. I started just making one or two and before I knew it, in my passion, I’d flooded my room in hair bows.

As time went by, I realized that I had discovered a great talent. After a year and a half of cancer treatment I decided to continue making bows.

I wanted to continue making them with the same love with which I made my daughter’s.That’s how I found my logo “Handmade with Love”. Although the beginning of this story was not a joyful one the result has truly been a blessing. Today I have officially beaten breast cancer and I could not be more excited for this new chapter in my life.

I have created a diverse range of hair bows and accessories for all ages and occasions.